Better Days Are Coming

Set 3: Interstate 20 - Shreveport, Louisana, to Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

Text and Photos Copyright ©2002 by Carolyne Butler

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These pictures were all taken on the way back home, beginning with the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and ending in east Texas along I-20, but I've put them here in reverse order, going from east to west.

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Sunrise on Interstate 20 in East Texas.

Sunrise on I-10, East Texas

Sunrise on our last day on the road somewhere along I-20 in East Texas. It's a long drive from here to Pensacola, thus the pre-sunrise start.


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Interstate 20 in East Texas.

Texas summer haze along I-20

The east side of Texas is beautifully carpeted with trees. The west side of Texas is part of the Great Plains. Guess which side this is. This view is about 15 minutes drive from the Louisana state line and was actually taken after the sunrise picture above, thus further east.


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Interstate traffic south of Dallas-Fort Worth.

I-20 traffic, south of Dallas-Ft. Worth

This was the previous day. Traffic is heavy along the bypass south of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. This view is looking east at a place I always think of as The Hill, because when traveling west, the view from its top affords a good, although brief, long-distance view of the generally flat landscape.


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One of many apartment complexes around Dallas-Fort Worth.

One of many apartment complexes, Dallas-Ft. Worth

Apartment complexes abound along the highways in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. You can tell that the trees are thinning out in this area, and if you're heading west, you're about to enter the Great Plains section of Texas, although I'm not sure exactly where the Great Plains are supposed to begin.


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Fort Worth, Texas, skyline.

Ft. Worth, Texas, skyline

Fort Worth, Texas, skyline, approaching from the north. I took this shot out of the window when the traffic began to crawl along at a snail's pace.


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A taste of Fort Worth traffic.

What to expect in Ft. Worth at getting-off time

Never, ever, plan a trip that takes you through Ft. Worth on Friday afternoon at getting-off time. It took us a whole hour to travel only about 15 miles through here.

When traveling homeward (east), the Dallas/Ft. Worth area is where I always consider heavy traffic begins, and it will continue heavy almost all the way home. But when traveling west, we heave a sigh of relief after getting past this area, for highway traffic will be thin from here on to our destination in Colorado. Traffic was complicated here in Ft. Worth due to heavy road construction that sometimes narrowed the highway down to a single lane instead of the usual two, three, or four lanes.


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