Better Days Are Coming


Text and pictures copyright ©2002 by Carolyne J. Butler

One photos added: 5 February 2003

This sign is in Crestview, Florida.

Tired of religion in the fast lane? Maybe you could switch to this one.

(Photo by David L. Butler)


Seen at Five Branches Camper Park, Vallecito, Colorado.

Excuse me, please. Which way to the nearest restroom?


The mouse delivered the knockout punch.

Serves her right for messing with the computer.


Only in Texas.

Imagine what they could do with an entire array of these things.


One sentence evokes a thousand pictures.

Seen in a Dairy Queen in Texas.


Have we met?

Who's contemplating who?


Manners? Whazzat?

Mmmmumfff! Yummy.


You won't know unless you click on my picture.

What cats really think of humans. (Click on picture to see.)


Now what brand was that?

Is this what is meant by corporate diversification?


What in the world . . . ?

Don't get it? Keep saying it out loud until you do.


'I'm outa here!' said the pelican.

Yikes! Does their Attitude need adjusting?


To be continued . . .