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Generation No. 1
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1.  Carolyne Joyce Kemp

Born 1939, Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL (living, Pensacola, FL). Daughter of 2. Joel Roy Kemp and 3. Marguerite Nelson. Married Donald Ray Butler (living), 1958, Pensacola, FL.

CHILDREN of Carolyne Joyce Kemp and Donald Ray Butler:

i.David Lars Butler (living, born 1963)
ii.Jennifer Rachel Butler (living, born 1969)
iii.James Daniel Butler (living, born 1973)
iv.Dathan Ray Butler (living, born 1978)
v.Darren Joel Butler (living, born 1981

Generation No. 2
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2.  Joel Roy Kemp

Born 1916, Altoona, Blount Co., AL. Died 16 August 2007, Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL. Son of 4. Oliver Victor Kemp and 5. Eva Lou Harris. Married (No. 1) 3. Marguerite Nelson, 4 March 1938, Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL. Married (No. 2) Eleanor J. Weatherspoon, 29 May 1997.

3.  Marguerite Nelson

Born 19 January 1919, Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL. Died 15 April 1996, Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL. Daughter of 6. Thomas Oakley Nelson and 7. Ilene Smith. Married 2. Joel Roy Kemp

CHILDREN of Joel Roy Kemp and Marguerite Nelson:

i.1. Carolyne Joyce Kemp, born 1939 (living), married Donald Ray Butler.

Generation No. 3
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4.  Oliver Victor Kemp

Born 6 May 1891, McLarty, Blount Co., AL. Died 30 July 1971, Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL. Son of 8. William Hamilton Kemp and 9. Lucy Ann Howard. Married 5. Eva Lou Harris.

5.  Eva Lou Harris

Born 8 April 1892, Altoona, Blount Co., AL. Died 18 February 1976, Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL. Daughter of 10. William Frank Harris and 11. Eliza Alma Pettit. Married 4. Oliver Victor Kemp.

NOTES for Oliver Victor Kemp:

Click here for a short essay on O. V. Kemp. (Opens in new window.)

CHILDREN of Oliver Victor Kemp and Eva Lou Harris:

i.2. Joel Roy Kemp, born 1916, died 2007, married 3. Marguerite Nelson.
ii.Julius Dalton Kemp, born 1919, died 1991, married (No. 1) Gladys Griffin, (No. 2) Miriam Lauderman (or Mims?), (No. 3) Daisy Lorretta Toler.

6.  Thomas Oakley Nelson

Born 19 October 1897 (or 1898). Died 19 October 1963, Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL. Buried Ryan's Crossing, Shelby Co., AL. Son of 12. Henry Homer Nelson and 13. Ninnie Davis. Married 7. Ilene Smith, 3 April 1918, Maylene, Shelby Co., AL.

7.  Ilene Smith

Born 1 July 1898, Randolph, Bibb Co., AL. Died 28 May 1972, Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL. Daughter of 14. Albert L. Smith and 15. Alpha Raydo Armstrong. Married 6. Thomas Oakley Nelson

CHILDREN of Thomas Oakley Nelson and Ilene Smith:

i.3. Marguerite Nelson, born 1919, died 1996, married 2. Joel Roy Kemp.
ii.Travis Clement Nelson, born 1920, died 1977.
iii.Dean Edward Nelson, born 1937 (living, Pensacola, FL).

Generation No. 4
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8.  William Hamilton Kemp

Born 5 March 1846, (near) Lawrenceville, Gwinnett Co., GA. Died 27 October 1933, Horton, Blount Co., AL. Son of 16. Wilson Kemp and 17. Elizabeth Maffett. Married on 25 December 1866 (No. 1) Martha Ellen Jordan, born January 1839, died June 1883. Married (No. 2) 9. Lucy Ann Howard (date and place unknown).

NOTES for William Hamilton Kemp:

Confederate Soldier in US Civil War. See Kemp Family notes. (Under construction.)

9.  Lucy Ann Howard

Born 29 November 1854, Double Bridges, Upson County, GA. Died 11 September 1929, Horton, Blount Co., AL. Daughter of 18. John Hubbard Howard and 19. Nancy T. Pasley. Married 8. William Hamilton Kemp (date and place unknown).

NOTES for Lucy Ann Howard's Family:

Click here for Howard family information. (Opens in new window.)

CHILDREN of William Hamilton Kemp and Martha Ellen Jordan:

i.Wilson Tunis Kemp, born 1867 or 1868, died 1955, married Zula L. Bynum, daughter of Eli Bynum.
ii.Mary Elizabeth Kemp, born 1870, died 1958, married _?_ Haynes.
iii.Tallulah ("Lou") Victoria Kemp, born about 1873, died (date unknown), married Thomas Monroe Shaw, born 1869, died 1921.
iv.Frances ("Fannie") D. Kemp, born 1875, died 1964, married John Henry Rogers.
v.Nannie Ella B. Kemp, born 1877, died 1977, married Claude Green.
vi.Annie Ellen Kemp, born 1881, died (date unknown) Clanton, AL, married Noah Ernest Samuel about 1906.

CHILDREN of William Hamilton Kemp and Lucy Ann Howard:

i.Rosa E. Kemp, born 1887, died 1888.
ii.Luna ("Lunie") A. Kemp, born 1889, died (date unknown), married (No. 1) Annie Martin, married (No. 2) Mamie Copeland.<
iii.4. Oliver Victor Kemp, born 1891, died 1971, married 5. Eva Lou Harris.
iv.Lanora ("Nora") Ethel Kemp, born 1892, died (unknown), married Rufus Kay NeSmith, born 1913, died 1984.
v.Julius Dalton Kemp, born 1898, died 1964, married (No. 1) Gladys Stone, married (No. 2) Goldie _?_.

10.  William Frank Harris

Born 29 June 1853, Cedartown, Polk Co., GA. Died 16 September 1927, Altoona, Blount Co., AL. Son of 20. Joel Marion Harris and 21. Elizabeth Ann Berry. Married 11. Eliza Alma Pettit.

NOTES for William Frank Harris:

Frank Harris claimed that Joel Chandler Harris, author of the Uncle Remus tales, was his cousin. For years, he subscribed to the Atlanta Constitution, a newspaper that carried Joel Chandler Harris's editorials. He saved the newspapers in a trunk that was later found in an attic. Unfortunately, mice had gnawed into the trunk and made shreds of the newspapers.

If I could find a definite connection to Joel Chandler Harris, it might help in tracing the family line beyond Frank Harris's father, Joel Marion Harris. Joel Chandler Harris's family name comes from his mother, Mary Harris, whose father was Michael Harris, but I haven't found any information that would determine if Michael Harris was the father of (or a brother, or uncle, or cousin of) Joel Marion Harris.

11.  Eliza Alma Pettit

Born 27 September 1860 (or 1861), Cedartown, Polk Co., GA. Died 9 May 1903, Altoona, Blount Co., AL. Daughter of 22. John David Pettit and 23. Sarah Adeline Louise Brannon. Married 10. William Frank Harris.

CHILDREN of William Frank Harris and Eliza Alma Pettit:

i.John Marion Harris, born 8 January 1879, Cedartown, Polk Co., GA. Died 3 May 1943, Attala, AL. Married Lula Miller.
ii.William Albert Harris, born 20 March 1881, GA. Died 19 August 1958, AL. Married Sarah S. Cleveland, 1905.
iii.Laura Alma Harris, born 25 July 1883, GA. Died about 1966 or 1967. Married W. C. ("Lum") Beasley.
iv.Henry Ernest Harris, born 6 December 1887, AL. Died about 1960, Snead, Blount Co., AL. Married Rosa Bentley.
v.F. Hendrix Harris, born 23 January 1890, AL. Died 29 August 1890.
vi.5. Eva Lou Harris, born 1892, died 1976, married 4. Oliver Victor Kemp.
vii.Vassey A. Harris, born 11 August 1895, AL. Died 18 June 1915, AL. Married Victor Holmes.
viii.M. Ethel Harris, born 16 January 1898, AL. Died 18 June 1899.
ix.B. Vera Harris, born 5 September 1902, AL. Died 2 June 1903.

12.  Henry Homer Nelson

Born 12 December 1879, Old Stonewall, Cherokee Co., AL. Died 7 October 1950, Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL. Son of 24. Thomas Nelson and 25. Sarah Jane Wadsworth. Married 13. Ninnie Davis..

13.  Ninnie Davis

Born 6 (or 8) September 1881, Etna, Polk Co., GA. Died 7 July 1965, Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL. Daughter of 26. Charles Oakley Davis and 27. Sarah ("Sally") Phoebe Washabaugh. Married 14. Henry Homer Nelson.

CHILDREN of Henry Homer Nelson and Ninnie Davis:

i.6. Thomas Oakley Nelson, born 1897 or 1898, died 1963, married 7. Ilene Smith.
ii.Ralph Lee Nelson, born 22 July 1903, Cherokee, AL, died 4 August 1967, Scottsboro, AL.
iii.Edna Grace Nelson, born 1918, (living? place unknown), married Lewis Edward Penfield.
iv.Evelyn May Nelson, born 1920, Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL, (living? place unknown), married (No. 1) Frank W. McEwen, Jr. (No. 2) William Ralph Brown.
v.(Unnamed daughter) Nelson, born (date unknown), died (date unknown), buried Ryan's Crossing, Shelby Co., AL.

14.  Albert L. Smith

Born 28 April 1864, Randolph, Bibb Co., AL. Died 11 October 1954, Safford, Dallas Co., AL. Son of 28. (unknown) and 29. Araminta ("Minnie") Smith. Married 15. Alpha Armstrong, 17 January 1889, Chilton Co., AL.

15.  Alpha Raydo Galveston Sarah Frances Lodemie Armstrong

Born 21 November 1867 (or 1869), (near) Clanton, Chilton Co. (formerly Baker Co.) AL. Died 15 January 1956, Safford, Dallas Co., AL. Daughter of 30. William ("Leather Bill") Armstrong and 31. Zilpha Spivey. Married 14. Albert L. Smith.

CHILDREN of Albert L. Smith and Alpha Raydo Armstrong:

i.Marvin Lee Smith, born 20 October 1888 or 1889, Bibb Co., AL, died (date and place unknown), married Martha _?_.
ii.Mary Ann Smith, born 7 June 1890 or 1893, Bibb Co., AL, died 4 January 1963, married Oscar Woods.
iii.Cleveland Smith, born 4 December 1893 or 1894, Bibb Co., AL, died (date and place unknown), did not marry.
iv.Livie Smith, born 21 July 1896 or 1897, Bibb Co., AL, died December 1933 (place unknown), married _?_ Hale.
v.7. Ilene Smith, born 1898, died 1972, married 6. Thomas Oakley Nelson.
vi.Lillian Smith, born 4 June 1903, Bibb Co., AL, died 1981, married (No. 1) _?_ Wright, (No. 2) Elgin Glascock.
vii.Fay Smith, born 22 July 1905, Bibb Co., AL, died (date unknown) Dallas Co., AL, married (No. 1) _?_ Smith, (No. 2) William Rhodes.
viii.Gladys Pauline Smith, born 21 August 1908, Shelby Co., AL, died (date unknown), married (No. 1) James Follis, (No. 2) Reynolds Wallace Sr.
ix.Carrie B. Smith, born 12 August 1912 or 1913, Shelby Co., AL, died (date and place unknown), married Profit Booth.
x.Raymond Smith, born 12 April 1912 or 1913, Shelby Co., AL, died (date and place unknown), married _?_ Campbell.
xi.(Boy, twin of Raymond) Smith, born 12 April 1912 or 1913, died at birth.
xii.Herman J. Smith, born 16 June 1915, Shelby Co., AL, died 6 March 1994, Selma, AL, married Rhea _?_.

Generation No. 5
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16.  Wilson Kemp

Born 8 August 1817, (possibly Greenville Co.) SC. Died 2 April 1898. Buried, Midway Church, Bowden, Carroll Co., GA. Son of 32. (First name unknown.) Kemp (born SC) and 33. (Name unknown.) (born SC). Married 17. Elizabeth Maffett. (Date and place unknown.)

NOTES for Wilson Kemp:

Wilson Kemp served several months as a fifer in the army during the time of the infamous Cherokee removal from Georgia during the late 1830s. I do not know whether or not he was involved in the "Trail of Tears."

17.  Elizabeth Maffett

Born 18 January 1819, (possibly Newberry Co.) SC. Died 20 May 1888. Buried Midway Church, Bowden, Carroll Co., GA. Daughter of 34. John Maffett and 35. Margaret ("Peggy") Garmany. Married 16. Wilson Kemp.

CHILDREN of Wilson Kemp and Elizabeth Maffett:

i.Nancy J.? (or G.?) Kemp, born 1841 or 1842, Gwinnett Co, GA.
ii.John H. Kemp, born 1844?, Gwinnett Co., GA.
iii.8. William Hamilton Kemp, born 1846, died 1933, married 9. Lucy Ann Howard
iv.Sarah C.? Kemp, born 1848 or 1849, Gwinnett Co., GA.
v.M. E. Kemp (female), born 1849? or 1850?, GA.
vi.George W. Kemp, born 3 (or 8) July 1854, Gwinnett Co., GA, died 2 February 1910, buried Midway Methodist Church, Bowden, Carroll Co., GA, married (No. 1) Charlotte H. Knott, (No. 2) Elmira Catherine Reid.
vii.Jane Kemp, born 1857? GA.
viii.Albert C. Kemp, born March 1861, AL, died after October 1933, married (No. 1) Mary Knott, (No. 2) Parilee _?_.
ix.Francis Kemp (female), born 1864?, AL.

18.  John (Hubbard? or Henry?) Howard

Born 6 July 1830, (probably Oglethorpe Co.) GA. Died 10 July 1873, Thomaston, Upson Co., GA. Son of 36. Henry Howard and 37. Elizabeth ("Betsy") Ann Collier. Married 19. Nancy T. Pasley, 03 December 1853, Upson Co., GA.

NOTES for John Howard's Family:

Click here for Howard family information. (Opens in new window.)

19.  Nancy T. Pasley

Born 8 February 1831, (probably Upson Co.) GA. Died 9 March 1899, (probably Marshall Co.) AL. Daughter of 38. James Crocker Pasley and 39. Mary Dendy. Married 18. John H. Howard.

CHILDREN of John H. Howard and Nancy T. Pasley:

i.9. Lucy Ann Howard, born 1854, died 1929, married 8. William Hamilton Kemp.
ii.Mary ("Molly") Elizabeth Howard, born 30 March 1856, (Upson Co.?) GA, died 3 July 1923, married Richard E. Farmer, circa 1879.
iii.Nancy Susan Howard, born 15 January 1858, died (unknown), married Frank Downs.
iv.Zora Howard, born 29 January 1860, (Upson Co.?) GA, died 22 June 1932, married Joseph Scott.
v.John Dumas Howard, born 28 August 1863, (Upson Co.?) GA, died (unknown), married Nancy Georgiana Scott.
vi.Rebecca Horzan Howard, born 12 December 1865, (Upson Co.?) GA, died (unknown), married Alexander Scott.
vii.Felix Howard, born 8 February 1868, (Upson Co.?) GA, died November 1926, Texas.
viii.Arrah (or Sarah?) Edna Howard, born 8 October 1872, died (unknown), married _?_ Osburn.

20.  Joel Marion Harris

Born March 1824, GA. Died (date unknown, after 1900 census). Son of 40. (unknown) Harris and 41. (unknown). Married 21. Elizabeth Ann Berry, 9 September 1847, Paulding (later Polk) Co., GA.

21.  Elizabeth Ann Berry

Born about 1830, GA. Died (date unknown, between 1868 and 1880). Daughter of 42. Edmund G. Berry and 43. Elizabeth ("Betsy") Hales. Married 20. Joel Marion Harris.

NOTES for Joel Marion Harris and Elizabeth Ann Berry.

Click here for a photo of Joel Marion Harris and Elizabeth Ann Berry.

Joel Marion Harris was a schoolteacher.

CHILDREN of Joel Marion Harris and Elizabeth Ann Berry:

i.Marion G. Harris, born 1848, Paulding or Polk Co., GA.
ii.John T. Harris, born 1849 or 1850, Paulding or Polk Co., GA.
iii.Mary Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Harris, born 27 July 1851, Polk Co., GA, died after 1927, Atlanta, GA, married William B. Collins, 24 January 1892, Polk Co., GA.
iv.10. William R. Frank Harris, born 1853, Polk Co., GA, died 1927, Blount Co., AL, married 11. Eliza Alma Pettit.
v.George Freeman Harris, born 15 July 1856, Polk Co., GA, died 16 February 1923, Wynnewood, Oklahoma, married Sarah Pauline Black, 19 October 1876, Stilesboro, Bartow Co., GA.
vi.Travis Henry Harris, born 1858 or 1859, Polk Co., GA, died (unknown), married Sarah Ann Brakefield.
vii.Laura A. Harris, born 1863 or 1864, Polk Co., GA, died (unknown), never married.
viii.Emily F. Harris, born 30 May 1866, Polk Co., GA, died about 1918 (Spanish flu), Marianna, FL, married _?_ Tate.
ix.Dora Jane Harris, born 19 October 1868, Polk Co., GA, died 1953, Atlanta, GA, never married.

22.  John David Pettit

Born 3 March 1836, Spartanburg, SC. Died 14 January 1918, Meridian, Lauderdale Co. MS. Buried Atalla, Etowah Co., AL. Son of 44. Daniel Pettit and 45. (possibly) Mahala Rainwater Married 23. Sarah Adeline Louise Brannon, 13 July 1859, Floyd Co., GA.

23.  Sara Adeline Louise Brannon

Born December 1842, SC. Died (date unknown, but between 1900 and 1918). Daughter of 46. Enoch Brannon and 47. Elizabeth Barrett. Married 22. John David Pettit.

NOTES for John David Pettit and Sarah Adeline Louise Brannon:

Click here for a large photo of John and Adeline Pettit and family (identities and date of picture unknown).

John Pettit enlisted in the Confederate Army on 4 August 1861, at Silver Creek, GA, and served as a private in Co. G, 22d Inf. He was discharged 26 December 1861. (I don't know the reason.) He was a Baptist Preacher from about 1869, or before, until at least 1909. Our family tradition is that the children of John Pettit claimed they were of French descent.

John Pettit is listed as a 15-year-old in the household of Daniel Pottete (age 38) and Vina (his stepmother, age 27) on the 1850 Census, Cherokee Co, GA (15th Division, Page 514, Dwelling #1568, Family #1580). Other children listed are Levi H., age 17; James, age 11; Elizabeth, age 7; Ervin, age 5; Martha, age 1. All born in South Carolina except the last three. (This census was not listed in the Census Index.)

The data for the wives on the 1860 Census for John Pettit (Milton Co, GA, page 12, PO Alpharetta, Dwelling #5, Family #5) and for James H. Pettit (Dwelling #4, Family #4) were apparently swapped by the census taker. It erroneously lists John Pettit with James's wife Jane, and James H. Pettit with John's wife Adeline.

I cannot find the 1870 census for John and Adeline Pettit. They may have been in Alabama (see 1880 census with child born in Alabama about 1869) or in Georgia.

The 1880 Census (Polk Co, GA, page 365, Sheet 35, Vol. 19, Enum. Dist. #169, Cedartown) lists John D. Pettit, age 44; Adeline, age 36; Enoch, age 11, b. AL; Mary, age 8, b. GA; Laura Bell, age 6, b. GA, Harvey, age 2, b. GA.

The 1900 census (Etowah Co., AL, Walnut Grove, Precinct #14, Sheet #4, Vol. 22, Enum. Dist. #159) states that Sarah A. Pettit was the mother of 12 children, with 8 still living. Listed in the household are John D. Pettit, age 64; Sarah A., age 57; Walter, age 18; Emma, age 16; Herstein (dau.), age 13; Leo (dau.), age 9; Esther Clark (gr-dau.), age 8; Eugenia Clark (gr-dau.), age 6. Walter and Emma were born in GA, and the last two children and both grandchildren listed were born in AL.

CHILDREN of John David Pettit and Sarah Adeline Louise Brannon:

i. 11. Eliza Alma Pettit, born 27 September 1860 or 1861, Polk Co., GA; died 9 May 1903, Blount Co., AL; married 10. William Frank Harris, 3 March 1878 Polk Co., GA.
ii. Florence Pettit, born 7 December 1862; married _?_ West.
iii. Unknown child.
iv. Unknown child.
v. Enoch D. Pettit, born May 1868, AL; married Fannie A. _?_.
vi. Mary ("Mollie") Pettit, born 1871 or 1872, GA; married _?_ Sitz.
vii. Laura Bell Pettit, born 1873 or 1874, GA; married _?_ Clark.
viii. Harvey Pettit, born 1877 or 1878.
ix. Walter Pettit, born 11 November 1881, Cedartown, Polk Co., GA; died 20 December 1958, Alice, TX; married Addie Lee Mathis, c. 1909, Victoria, TX.
x. Emma Pettit, born May 1884, GA; married _?_ McDougal. Click here for photo of Emma and two children (names unknown).
xi. Herstine Aveline Pettit, born February 1887, AL; died after 1968; married Rosco Fitz.
xii. Leo Pettit (daughter), born August 1890, AL; died December? 1968; married _?_ Cowden.

24.  Thomas Nelson

Born 25 October 1833, Macon Co., GA. Died 18 April 1905. Son of 48. Henry Nelson and 49. (unknown). Married 25. Sarah Jane Wadsworth, 25 February 1858, Pike Co., GA.

25.  Sarah Jane Wadsworth

Born 20 July 1839, GA. Died 13 March 1916. (Possibly Cherokee Co., Al). Daughter of 50. William S. Wadsworth and 51. Amy Wadsworth. Married 24. Thomas Nelson.

NOTES for Thomas Nelson and Sarah Jane Wadsworth:

Click here for a photo of Thomas Nelson and Sarah Jane Wadsworth.

CHILDREN of Thomas Nelson and Sarah J. Wadsworth:

i.Mary E. Nelson, born about 1859, GA, died (unknown).
ii.Lavinia Nelson, born about 1862 or 1863, GA, died (unknown), married _?_ Ragsdale (widowed by 1910 census).
iii.Martha "Mittie" Nelson, born 7 May 1867, died 8 February 1946, married John Thomas Arrington.
iv.James "Jim" C. Nelson, born 23 December 1869, died (unknown, after 1916), did not marry.
v.Etta Nelson, born about 1872 or 1873, MS, died (unknown).
vi.12. Henry Homer Nelson, born 1878 or 1879, died, 1950, married 13. Ninnie Davis.
vii.Anna L. Nelson, born about 1860, died (unknown).

26.  Charles Oakley Davis

Born 16 March 1847 or 1849, CN. Died 3 April 1911, Maylene, Shelby Co., AL. Son of 52. Josiah Davis and 53. Mary Alida _?_. Married 27. Sarah ("Sally") Phoebe Washabaugh, 9 November 1882, Polk Co., GA.

27.  Sarah ("Sally") Phoebe Washabaugh

Born April 1837 or 1838, PA. Died (date unknown, between 1900 and 1911, possibly 1905, possibly Shelby Co., AL). Daughter of 54 Thomas Washabaugh and 55. Hannah Meason (or Mason). Married (No. 1) George Colwell or Caldwell. Married (No. 2) _?_ Shaner. Married (No. 3) 26. Charles Oakley Davis.

CHILDREN of Sarah ("Sally") Phoebe Washabaugh and George Colwell or Caldwell:

i. Thomas Colwell/Caldwell, born 15 February 1860.
ii. Ellen Nora Colwell/Caldwell, born 7 July 1861.
iii. William Colwell/Caldwell, born 10 June 1864, Ohio.
iv. Ida Colwell/Caldwell, born 10 January 1866, Ohio.
v. Possibly, a Lafayette Colwell/Caldwell.

CHILDREN of Sarah ("Sally") Phoebe Washabaugh and _?_ Shaner:

i. Jennie Shaner, born 1868 or 1869, Ohio; died Borden Springs, AL; married Newton Wheeler.
ii. Hood Shaner, born 1871 or 1872, Kentucky, died 1906, Marvel, AL (killed in a mine accident).

CHILD of Charles Oakley Davis and Sarah ("Sally") Phoebe Washabaugh:

i 13. Ninnie Davis, born 1881, died 1965, married 14. Henry Homer Nelson.

28.  (unknown)

Apparently did not marry 29. Araminta ("Minnie") Smith.

29.  Araminta ("Minnie") Smith

Born about 1842, (possibly Bibb Co.) AL. Died (date unknown, after 1900 census). Daughter of 58. Jacob Smith and 59. Elizabeth Jackson. Apparently never married.

NOTES for Araminta ("Minnie") Smith:

Click here for a photo of Minnie Smith on her tombstone.

CHILDREN of Araminta Smith:

i. 14. Albert L. Smith, born 28 April 1862 or 1864 or 1867; died 11 October 1954, Selma, AL; married 15. Alpha Raydo Armstrong, 17 January 1889, Chilton Co., AL.
ii. Joe(l) Columbus ("Lum") Smith, born 10 October 1873, AL; died 27 April 1953, Bibb Co., AL; married Anna _?_.
iii. Lonzo Jackson ("Jack") Smith, born _?_; died 15 May 1954, Shelby Co., AL; married (No. 1) _?_, (No. 2) Susie Naomi Moore.

30.  William Armstrong

Born 1794 or 1797, GA. Died (date unknown, after 1880 census, possibly Bibb or Chilton Co., AL). Buried Macedonia Church Cemetery, Chilton Co., AL. Son of 60. (unknown) Armstrong and 61. (unknown). Married (No. 1) Mary Strange, 20 June 1816, Franklin Co., GA. Married (No. 2) 31. Zilpha Spivey, 12 July 1857, Bibb Co., AL.

NOTES for William Armstrong:

William Armstrong enlisted in the Georgia Militia under Capt. Thomas Anderson at Franklin Co., GA, 14 November 1814, and was honorably discharged on 25 April 1815 at Ft. Hawkens, GA. He stayed about 1 month at Ft. Hawkens and the rest of the time at Mobile Co., AL. He received a land warrant in 1852 for 82 acres.

William Armstrong was said to have fathered 22 children by his two wives. He was called "Leather Bill," and he died while sitting under a tree.

The names of some of the children of William Armstrong and Mary Strange (I have no proof) may have been given as follows: Fleming Armstrong (born 1816/17, GA, married Caroline Chapman); William B. Armstrong (born 1820/21, AL); Teresa Malinda Armstrong (born _?_; married _?_ Dawson? or Denawin?); Martha Jane Armstrong (born 1827/28; married Caleb Sumner, 1846, Bibb Co., AL); Susanna Armstrong (born _?_; married Horatio Pitts, 1850, Bibb Co., AL).

31.  Zilpha Spivey

Born 1831-1834? NC. Died about 1872 to 1874. Daughter of 62. Nathaniel Spivey and Jane _?_. Married 30. William Armstrong.

(KNOWN) CHILDREN of William Armstrong and Mary Strange:

i. Mary M. Armstrong, born cicra 1832/3, AL; married Benjamin Scott, 29 July 1856, Bibb Co., AL.
ii. Purity Armstrong, born circa 1834/5, AL; married Joseph Bruce, 28 March 1855, Bibb Co., AL
iii. Henry H. Armstrong, born circa 1836/7, AL.
iv. Rebecca Armstrong, born circa 1840/1/2, AL.
v. George Washington Armstrong, born 13 July 1844, Randolph, Bibb Co., AL, died 18 October 1821; buried Macedonia Cemetery, Chilton Co., AL; Married Martha Jane Gibson.
vi. James J. Armstrong, born circa 1845/6.

CHILDREN of William Armstrong and Zilpha Spivey:

i. John F. Armstrong, born October 1858, Bibb Co., AL; married Sarah Elaine ("Lanie") Waldrop, circa 1885/6.
ii. Lansa(?) Anna ("Ann") Armstrong, born circa 1861/2/3/4, AL; died circa 1894?; married William Thomas ("Tom") Waldrop.
iii. Emma E. Armstrong, born circa 1865/6, AL; married (First name unknown) Simms.
iv. 15. Alpha Raydo Galveston Armstrong, born 1867 or 1869, Clanton, Chilton Co., AL; died 15 January1956, married 14. Albert L. Smith, 17 January 1889, Chilton Co., AL.

Generation No. 6
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Following generations under construction

34. John Maffett (For parents, go to 68-69.)

35. Margaret ("Peggy") Garmany (For parents, go to 70-71.)

36. Henry Howard (For parents, go to 72-73.)

NOTES for Henry Howard's Family:

Click here for Howard family information. (Opens in new window.)

37. Elizabeth ("Betsy") Ann Collier (For parents, go to 74-75.)

38. James Crocker Pasley (For parents, go to 76-77.)

39. Mary Polly Dendy (For parents, go to 78-79.)

42. Edmund G. Berry (For parents, go to 80-81.)

43. Elizabeth ("Betsy") Hales (For parents, go to 82-83.)

44. Daniel Pettit

45. Mahala Rainwater(?)

46. Enoch Brannon

47. Elizabeth Barrett (For parents, go to 94-95.)

48. Henry Nelson (For parents, go to 96-97.)

49. (Name unknown.) (Married No. 48.)

50. William S. Wadsworth

51. Amy Wadsworth (For parents, go to 102-103.)

52. Josiah Davis

53. Mary Alida (Last name unknown.)

54. Thomas Washabaugh (N.B.: I have not personally researched all data back from this point.) (For parents, go to 108-109.)

55. Hannah Meason (or Mason)

58. Jacob Smith (For parents, go to 116-117.)

59. Elizabeth Jackson

62. Nathaniel Spivey

63. Jane (Last name unknown.)

Generation No. 7
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68. Robert Maffett

69. Barbara Hair (For parents, go to 138-139.)

70. John Garmany (From Northern Ireland.) (For parents, go to 140-141.)

71. Sophia Feltman

72. Mordecai Howard

NOTES for Mordecai Howard's Family:

Click here for Howard family information. (Opens in new window.)

73. Jane Anderton

74. Isaac Collier (For parents, go to 148-149.)(See also http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Flats/1712/CollierFam5_4.html.)

75. Elizabeth Smith (For parents, go to 150-151.)

76. Robert Pasley (Rev. War.) (For parents, go to 152-153.)

77. Elizabeth Crocker (For parents, go to 154-155.)

78. Thomas Dendy Jr. (For parents, go to 156-157.)

79. Mary ("Polly") Jones

84. William Berry

85. Susannah Taylor

86. Thomas Hales

87. Margaret Davis

94. John Barrett

95. Elizabeth (Last name unknown.)

96. Thomas Nelson (Rev. War.)

97. Susannah Woodward

102. Archibald Wadsworth

103. Clarissa Kenny

108. John Washabaugh Sr. (For parents, go to 216-217.)

109. Catherine McNight

116. Adam Smith (From Germany to US.)

117. Elizabeth Gomer (?)

Generation No. 8
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138. Peter Hair

139. Anna Mary _?_

140. John Garmany (From Northern Ireland)

141. (Name unknown.) (Married No. 140.)

148. Vines Collier (Rev. War.) (For parents, go to 296-297.) (See also http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Flats/1712/CollierFam5.html.)

149. Sara Elizabeth Williamson (For parents, go to 298-299.)

150. Charles Smith

151. (Name unknown.) (Married No. 150.)

152. Robert Pasley (N.B.: Pasley line back from this point not personally researched; all data comes from other researchers.) (For parents, go to 304-305.)

153. Mary (Last name unknown.)

154. James Crocker

155. Elizabeth (Last name unknown.)

156. Thomas Dendy, Sr.

157. Mary (Last name unknown.)

216. John Henry Washabaugh (For parents, go to 432-433).

217. Elizabeth Miller

Generation No. 9
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296. Isaac Collier (For parents, go to 592-593.) (Isaac Collier's will can be read at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Flats/1712/Collier1771will.html. See also http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Flats/1712/CollierFam4.html)

297. Anne Vines (For parents, go to 594-595.)

298. Benjamin N. Williamson

299. (Name unknown.) (Married No. 298.)

304. Robert Pasley (For parents, go to 608-609.)

305. Eleanor (Last name unknown.)

432. Theilmanus Washabaugh/Weschenbach (Germany) (For parents, go to 864-865.)

433. Barabara Shants

Generation No. 10
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592. Charles Collier (For parents, go to 1184-1185.) (See http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Flats/1712/CollierFam3_1.html.)

593. Judith Myhill (For parents, go to 1186-1187.)

594. Thomas Vines

595. Mary Hill (For parents, go to 1190-1191.)

608. William Pasley/Paslay (For parents, go to 1216-1217.)

609. (Name unknown.) (Married No. 608.)

864. Rorich Weschenbach (For parents, go to 1728-1729.)

865. Anna Maria Achenbach

Generation No. 11
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1184. Isaac Collier (England to US.) (For parents, go to 2368-2369.) (See http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Flats/1712/CollierFam3.html )

1185. Mary Lockey

1186. John Myhill

1187. Mary Lockey (For parents, go to 2374-2375.)

1190. Thomas Hill (For parents, go to 2380-2381.)

1191. Eleanor Charles

1216. William Paslay (For parents, go to 2432-2433.)

1217. Ann Calvert (For parents, go to 2434-2435.)

1728. Heinrich Weschenbach (For parents, go to 3456-3457.)

1729. Maria Halm

Generation No. 12
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2368. Robert Collier (more >>> This line is supposed to go back to Robert Collyer and Isabella Doddington, daughter of Sir John Doddington of Kent, England. See http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Flats/1712/CollierFam1.html and http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Flats/1712/CollierFam2.html.)

2369. Mary _?_

2374. Edward Lockey

2375. (unknown) (married No. 23743)

2380. John Hill (more >>> This line traces to Abraham Peirsey, onetime owner of Flowerdew Hundred, James River, VA, site of the first windmill in the US. See www.flowerdew.org (see the link, Voices From the Past; 17th Century). More information about Abraham Peirsey can be found at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Flats/1712/Peirsey.html.

2381. (Name unknown.) (married No. 2380)

2432. Robert Paslay (more >>>)

2433. Mary Goodspeed (more >>>)

2434. George Calvert (First Lord Baltimore)

See more about George Calvert and Anne Mynne at http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/s/n/e/Jennifer-M-Sneirson/GENE13-0066.html, numbers 5692 and 5693. (Following the line on this Web site will trace the line of Anne Mynne back to Henry I of England and Henry I of France.)

2435. Anne Mynne. The following ancestry for Anne Mynne (back to Henry I, king of France, and Henry I, son of William the Conqueror), is on the above Web site:

Anne Mynne m. George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore (c. 1578-1632);
Elizabeth Wroth m. George Mynne;
Sir Thomas Wroth m. Mary Rich;
Robert Wroth m. Jane Hawte;
Thomas Wroth m. Joan Newdigate;
Elizabeth Lewknor m. John Wroth;
Eleanor Camoys m. Sir Roger Lewknor, son of Sir Thomas Lewknor;
Joan Poynings m. Sir Richard Camoys
Isabel FitzPayn m. Richard Poynings, 3rd Baron Poynings;
Robert FitzPayn (formerly Grey), Baron FitzPayn m. Elizabeth de Brian;
Richard Grey, 2nd Baron Grey of Codnor m. Joan FitzPayn;
Eleanor Courtenay m. Henry Grey, 1st Baron Grey of Codnor;
Sir Hugh Courtenay m. Eleanor le Despencer;
Sir John Courtenay m. Isabel de Vere;
Mary de Vernon m. Sir Robert Courtenay;
Maud de Beaumont m. William de Vernon, 5th Earl of Devon
Maud FitzReginald m. Robert de Beaumont, Count of Meulan, great- great-grandson of Henry I, King of France, d. 1060;
Reginald FitzRoy or de Mortain, Earl of Cornwall (illegitimate son of Henry I by Sybil Corbet), m. Mabel FitzWilliam;
Henry I, King of England;
William I (the Conqueror) m. Matilda of Flanders;
Robert the Magnificent (aka Robert the Devil);
Richard II the Good;
Richard I the Fearless;
William Longsword;
Duke of Normandy Rolf

Another Web site that has Anne Mynne's line back to Pepin I (7th Century) can be found here: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/a/r/m/Robert-M-Armstrong/ODT9-0001.html

3456. Jacob Weschenbach (more >>>)

3457. (Name unknown.) (Married No. 3456.)

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