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Answering Mail
I stare through the window. What should I write  . . . ?
I walked this morning in the grassy dew.
The wrens came back; they’re building anew.
Last week I changed a flat . . . my first. Moonlight
still reminds me of—   No it doesn’t! How trite
of me to write him how the moonlit view
of our orchard in bloom—   It’s just not true!
Dawn’s teacher is amazed; she’s very bright.
Her eyes grow more like yours—   I won’t write that!
My sister introduced me to a man.
Dawn thinks he’s great. I can’t write that! The cat
grows bold, catching mice in the field. Never
mind us, we’re just fine. Write Dawn when you can.
We still love—   No! No! No! Just . . . As ever.
Carolyne Butler
(Copyright © 2000)