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Absalom by the Gate
He stations himself there so you must pass him
On your way to see the king
He stands stalwart, his great locks
Suddenly bow to you
Oh, how honored you feel
He draws you close, he embraces you
He will help you. The king is old
He is too busy. He cares not for your small troubles
But good Absalom will give you justice
His words flow over you like soothing oil
Like dripping honey
The king, whose face you only imagined
So quickly fades. He didn't even want to hear you
But Absalom, ah, now, good Absalom
He will hear your case
And you can take your leave, happy
The king's face, that face you only imagined
Has now become Absalom's face
And it is smiling so
Carolyne Butler
(Copyright © 2000)