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At the Well. (Gen. XXIV, 11.)



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How many women in the Bible can you name from the descriptions given below? If you need a hint, the hints page will give you the number of letters contained in each name plus the first letter of each name. Bible references are supplied with the answers.

(Bible quotations and spelling of names are from the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.)


  1. Because of the trickery of her father, this woman, beautiful in both face and figure, had to became the second wife of a well-known patriarch rather than his first wife. At the end of the seven years that he had served to pay off the bride-price for her, he thought he was marrying her, but did not realize until it was too late that her father had substituted her sister in place of her.

  2. This Jewish woman taught Christianity to her half-Greek son, who later became a missionary.

  3. Widowed mother-in-law of two widowed Moabite women who was accompanied by one of them when she left Moab to return to Israel after the famine there was over.

  4. This wicked daughter of a Sidonian king was responsible for promoting Baal worship in Israel, and she used her power as queen to try to stamp out the worship of Jehovah by ordering the deaths of many of the prophets of Jehovah and other persons living in the ten-tribe kingdom of Israel.

  5. About the year 49 or 50 C.E., this Christian woman, whose Roman name means "Little Old Woman," was ordered out of Rome, along with her husband and all other Jews, because of a decree against the Jews by the Roman Emperor Claudius.

  6. Daughter of a priest of Midian who became the wife of Moses.

  7. Although her name means "Living One," this woman induced her husband to become involved with her in a rebellious act that brought a sentence of death upon themselves and their yet-to-be-born descendants.

  8. When this prophetess, who lived in Jerusalem during the reign of King Josiah, was consulted by the king's messengers, she sent word from Jehovah that because King Josiah had humbled himself he would not see the coming calamity that was prophesied to befall Judah when the nation was punished for their disobedience.

  9. This Christian woman who lived in Joppa "abounded in good deeds and gifts of mercy." After she fell sick and died and was miraculously resurrected by Peter, many who heard about it became believers.

  10. This niece of Abraham married Nahor, one of Abraham's brothers. Later, her granddaughter Rebekah married Abraham's son Isaac.

  11. The Greeks connected their goddess of hunting to the fertility goddess of the same name in Ephesus who had a temple erected to her that was ranked as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

  12. This older daughter of a Semitic man who was called "the Syrian" had eyes that have been described as "tender," "weak," or "had no luster" when she was compared to her more beautiful younger sister.

  13. The name of this wife of Judean King Hezekiah and the mother of King Manasseh means "My Pleasure in Her," "My Delight," or "My Delight Is in Her," and is the same name that Isaiah applied in one of his prophecies to restored Jerusalem.

  14. This Egyptian woman was acquired by one of the Hebrew patriarchs to serve as a maidservant for his wife, but was later presented to the patriarch by her barren mistress in order to bear a son on behalf of her mistress.

  15. Naomi's widowed Moabitess daughter-in-law who would not leave Moab when Naomi returned to Israel after the famine in Israel was over.

  16. She was the daughter of Talmai, an Aramaean king of Geshur, and she became the wife of David and mother of David's rebellious son Absalom and his sister Tamar.

  17. This 84-year-old prophetess who was in regular attendance at the temple in Jerusalem was privileged to see the baby Jesus when he was presented for purification according to the Law of Moses.

  18. She was the daughter of the Egyptian priest of On (Heliopolis) that Pharaoh gave in marriage to Joseph, the son of Jacob, after Joseph became administrator to Pharoah.

  19. Leah's maidservant who bore Gad and Asher to Leah's husband, Jacob, after Leah thought she could bear no more children for Jacob.

  20. The mother of Miriam, Aaron, and Moses, who refused to kill her youngest son when the Egyptian Pharoah ordered the slaughter of all Hebrew male babies.

  21. This hospitable woman, a "worshiper of God" who accepted Christianity during the apostle Paul's second missionary trip, was a "seller of purple" in the city of Philippi.

  22. This wife of King David was the mother of Adonijah, one of David's sons who tried to usurp the kingship over Israel during David's old age.

  23. This daughter of a Midianite chieftain was slain with a lance by Phinehas, a grandson of Aaron, while she was engaging in immoral sexual relations with the Israelite Zimri in a tent into which he had brought her within the camp of Israel.

  24. On two occasions this beautiful woman who was married to a patriarch was taken into the household of a foreign king, but both times her presence resulted in plagues being brought by Jehovah upon the king's household so that she was released.

  25. Her half-brother Amnon "fell in love with her" and succeeded in violating her by trickery and force, but afterward began hating her with a hatred that was greater than the love with which he had loved her. Her full-brother took revenge on Amnon two years later by killing him.

  26. This prophetess in Israel who dwelt under a palm tree, was used by Jehovah to call up judge Barak to fight against the Canaanite King Jabin and his army chief Sisera.

  27. After the Israelites escaped from Egyptian bondage through the miraculously parted waters of the Red Sea, this prophetess took up a tambourine and led the Israelite women in a dance of victory.

  28. This young Shunammite woman, who was "beautiful in the extreme," became a nurse and "body-warmer" for aging King David.

  29. This eldest of Job's second set of three daughters came to have an inheritance along with her seven brothers and two sisters.

  30. This woman, who 'sat down at the feet of Jesus and kept listening to his word,' also anointed Jesus' head and feet with costly perfumed oil worth about one year's wages shortly before his death.

  31. Wife of Aaron (the brother of Moses), and mother of Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar.

  32. Along with another wife of David, this Jezreelite wife of David, who was mother of his firstborn Amnon, was once carried away captive from Ziklag by Amalekite raiders. Later, both wives were rescued by David and his men.

  33. A Canaanite goddess and wife of Baal who was considered a fertility goddess by the Canaanites and a war goddess by the Philistines. King Solomon bowed down to her when he apostatized toward the latter part of his reign.

  34. Jesus expelled seven demons from this woman. Later, she was one of the first humans to see the resurrected Jesus, even though at first she imagined he was the caretaker of the garden.

  35. She was the concubine of King Saul and mother of two of his ill-fated sons, Armoni and Mephibosheth.

  36. Wife of wicked King Ahaz of Judah and mother of good King Hezekiah. She had the same name as the son of Rehoboam who became the second king of the two-tribe kingdom of Judah.

  37. The home of this woman, who was the mother of John Mark and aunt of Barnabas, was used as a meeting place in Jerusalem for early Christians.

  38. In a short story in the Apocrypha, this woman was supposed to have lived in Babylon in the days of young Daniel, and to have been successfully defended by him against a false charge made against her by two corrupt elders or judges.

  39. This daughter of Ishmael (Abraham's son by Hagar) married her first cousin Esau.

  40. This non-Israelite woman slew the Canaanite army chief Sisera while he was sleeping in her tent.

  41. Righteous but barren wife of the priest Zechariah who the angel Gabriel promised would bear a child who was to be called John.

  42. She was one of King David's wives, and became the mother of Solomon, David's successor to the throne.

  43. Rebekah's beloved nurse who was buried under a big tree at Bethel that they named the "Massive Tree of Weeping."

  44. Beautiful queen of King Ahasuerus of Persia (Xerxes I) who refused his request that she appear before his banquet guests "to show the peoples and the princes her loveliness." On the advice of his wise men, the king deposed her from being consort queen because of her defiance and in order to prevent other wives in the realm from copying her example.

  45. This adulterous wife of Hosea (a prophet to the ten-tribe kingdom of Israel who was the writer of the Bible book of Hosea), had the same name as one of Noah's grandsons, the firstborn of Japheth.

  46. This woman, the youngest daughter of King Herod Agrippa I, divorced her first husband and married the Judean procurator, Governor Felix. Felix kept the apostle Paul imprisoned for two years to "gain favor with the Jews," and possibly to please this young Jewess wife.

  47. The name of this second of Job's three daughters, who was born after he recovered from his afflictions, may mean "Cassia," which is a fragrant plant in the cinnamon family.

  48. This Hittite woman, the daughter of Elon the Hittite, may have also been called Adah. After Esau married her, she became a source of bitterness to Esau's mother Rebekah.

  49. This beautiful and sensible woman, the "Carmelitess," was married to a wealthy, harsh, and good-for-nothing man. She saved David from becoming bloodguilty after her husband had screamed rebukes at David's men and refused hospitality to reward David and his men for protecting his wealth. After her husband's timely death, she became David's wife.

  50. Just after arriving to visit a relative, this newly pregnant woman said, "My soul magnifies Jehovah, and my spirit cannot keep from being overjoyed at God my Savior; because he has looked upon the low position of his slave girl. For, look! from now on all generations will pronounce me happy; because the powerful One has done great deeds for me, and holy is his name."

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Picture credit: AT THE WELL (Gen. XXIV, 11), from Bible Manners and Customs, by Rev.James M. Freeman, D D., Published by Nelson & Phillips, Cincinnati: Hitchcock & Walden, 1877.