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NOTE: You will need information from Bible Logic Puzzle Number 1 in order to solve this puzzle. See

INTRODUCTION: After a disasterous shipwreck, the apostle Paul finally arrives in Rome and is awaiting trial before Caesar. The first month after his arrival, Paul and each of his four traveling companions (one is Gaius) receive a reply from the person each one wrote during the voyage to Rome (replies are from Adrus, Brutus, Claudus, Demos, and Ephras).

Each letter received in Rome arrives on a different day of the month (10, 15, 18, 21, 25). Each letter includes greetings from a different number of friends and relatives (one has 5, another has 11). (The customary greetings of the letter writers themselves are not counted in the total number of greetings in each letter). Each letter includes a different news item or request (one person wrote that he needed money).

The question is: Who wrote about being persecuted?

From the information provided below (plus using information from Puzzle Number 1), determine which day of the month each letter was received, who in Rome received the reply, the writer of each letter, the number of greetings included in each letter, and the request or news item in each letter.


  1. The letter from the Roman Province of Kratoria arrived sometime before the letter from the person who wrote that he had fallen sick, and sometime after the letter to the army officer.

  2. The letter with 8 greetings arrived exactly 3 days before the letter from Adrus. The letter from Demos did not include 11 greetings.

  3. The letter to Luke arrived sometime before the letter that was written by someone's father, and exactly 3 days after the letter that included 4 greetings (which was not the letter written by a friend).

  4. The last letter to arrive had greetings from 1 person more than the greetings in the letter that arrived on the 21st.

  5. The person who needed money included greetings whose total number equaled exactly half the number of the date on which his letter was received in Rome.

  6. The person who wrote from the Roman Province of Moratoria (whose letter did not contain 5 greetings) begged leave to join his relative in Rome.

  7. The letter to Julius included more greetings than the letter from the person who wrote that he was getting married.

Chart for Working Puzzle