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Crypto-Group Puzzle Number 4

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Each Crypto-Group puzzle is a list of related words in code. Each group will have a different code, but all words within a group will have the same code. When you have identified a word in the group, use the known letters to help decode the other words in the group. (Unless otherwise indicated, all puzzles are based on the spelling and wording found in the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.)


Example: Harp

  1. M Z B W X L Q J Y R

  2. O C L M R

  3. K X Q Y

  4. U J U R

  5. V D B W Z C P

  6. A J M K R Q
  1. K Z Q U

  2. C L M R

  3. P J P M Q L B P

  4. M Q L B U R M

  5. M Q J Z Y N L C Z Q   K Z Q U

  6. W Z N U J U R

Code letters used in Puzzle Number 4   |   Solution to Puzzle Number 4


Decipher the unused letters of the code used for the above puzzle.

E =__   F =__   G =__   H =__   I =__   S =__   T =__

Answers to Bonus Puzzle Number 4