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101 Bible Number Puzzles (Set 1) — With Hints

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These puzzles are solved by furnishing the complete words for the abbreviated letters. Examples: “7 d. in a w.” is “7 days in a week,” and “66 b. in the B.” is “66 books in the Bible.” Bible word usage is taken from the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.

  1. 3 f. c. of J.
    With friends like these, who needs enemies?

  2. 49 y. between j.
    A time for liberty and rest.

  3. 4 G. w. for l.
    One of them isn’t used in the Bible, even though the Bible describes it too.

  4. 3 a. witnessed J.’ t.
    It was a magnificent sight, but they couldn’t tell anyone about it until later.

  5. 3 s. g.: M., M., and L.
    Only one was an apostle.

  6. 1 q. of w. for a d., 3 q. of b. for a d.
    The high cost of living is obvious here.

  7. 3 s. of J., ch. 10
    God’s people are likened to what comes into these.

  8. 1000-y. r. of C.
    What we wish would hurry up and get here.

  9. 3 d. and 3 n. in the b. of the h. f.
    A thoroughly unwholesome place to spend a long weekend.

  10. 3 H. c. of D.
    They experienced a man-made “heat wave.”

  11. 5 t. 40 s. less 1 for P.
    If asked, “How are you?” he might have replied: “I am just beat.”

  12. 3 t. b. with r., 3 t. e. s.
    He knew what the term “heavy seas” meant.

  13. 7 s. and 3 d. of J.
    Stephen Mitchell’s translation calls three of them Dove, Cinnamon, and Eye-shadow.

  14. 3 t. P. d. J.
    He said he would never do it, then he did it.

  15. 3000 b. at P.
    Joel prophesied about this.

  16. 2 or 3 w. e. a m.
    Just one of these wouldn’t do.

  17. 6 c. of r., 3 on the e. s. of the J. and 3 on the w. s. of the J.
    None of them would protect you if you were guilty.

  18. 4 l. c. with f. like a l., a y. b., a m’s., and a f. e.
    Nobody on earth looks like this.

  19. 2 s. c. of v. l. v.
    “You always have the poor with you.”

  20. 48 c. given to the L.
    “Let me scatter them in Israel.”

  21. 4 h. of the A.
    Famous equines of our generation.

  22. 12 c. of f. from the t. of l.
    Excellent food to “eat.”

  23. 1 G. the F. and 1 L., J. C.
    A basic Christian belief.

  24. 39 b. in the H. S.
    Some people count these as 22 or 24.

  25. 3 s. of N.: S., H., and J.
    Your family tree goes back to these.

  26. 7 t. J. h.
    A few things good people should endeavor to avoid.

  27. 40 y. w. in the w.
    An intentionally extended camping trip.

  28. 40 d. in the w., being t. by S.
    This merited him a visit from the angels.

  29. 700 w. and 300 c. of S.
    Most men couldn’t handle this.

  30. 150 d. the w. o. the e.
    A legendary event.

  31. 6 c. d.
    These were longer than 144 hours.

  32. 10 C. (or 10 W.).
    They can be broken.

  33. 7 s. o. by the L.
    He could do this because he had been slaughtered.

  34. 3 k. of the k. of the h.
    One chosen person used all of them.

  35. 7 b. of the a. of G.
    You wouldn’t want a “meal” like this sitting on your table.

  36. 30 p. of s. b. the “F. of B.”
    An unpleasant land transaction.

  37. 7 y. of g. p. and 7 y. of f.
    Something to do with having and having not.

  38. 7 s. and 7 g. l.
    A heavenly vision of an earthly situation.

  39. 10 h. and 7 h.
    A beastly sight.

  40. 5 l. and 2 f. f. 5000 m.
    Most cooks would love to know this recipe.

  41. 12 s. in E’s. a. on M. C.
    A man and a mountain.

  42. 3.5 y. of J’. e. m.
    The gospel of John holds the clues.

  43. 3.5 y. of d. when E. p. for it.
    This man had feelings like us.

  44. 14 e. by the a. P.
    Sometimes he used a secretary.

  45. 4 H. l. in the T.
    Its name comes from a language different than it is.

  46. 450 p. of B. and 400 p. of the s. p.
    A wicked queen boarded them.

  47. 4 r. out of 1 r. in E.
    One of them went to where there was good gold.

  48. 27 b. in the C. G. S.
    The complement for the 39.

  49. 9 h. in the S. on the M.
    Suffering people may want to receive these blessings.

  50. 5 b. in the P.
    Think “Moses.”

  51. 0 g. k. in the 10-t. k. of I.
    Not a good track record for any nation.

  52. 9 q. that m. up the f. of the s.
    What every Christian wants to bear.

  53. 12 j. in I.
    They were saviors.

  54. 2 s. of J. b. in E. before the y. of the f: M. and E.
    They brought Egyptian blood into their families.

  55. 12 g. of 12 p. in N. J.
    Like nothing ever seen on earth.

  56. 1000 p. of m. p. to A. by A., K. of G.
    The principle that adultery is wrong was illustrated here.

  57. 7 l. and a f. l. f. f. 4000 m., besides w. and y. c.
    A historic example of stretching the food budget.

  58. 12 s. in the b. of j. with 4 r. of 3 s. in each r.
    An unusual garment not to be worn by just anyone.

  59. 50 c. the h. of the s. H. had m. to h. M.
    An impressive instrument of execution.

  60. 12 s. of J.
    He didn’t get any of them until he was past 80 years old.

  61. 1 s., 1 m., and 11 s. b. d. to J.
    They called him “that dreamer.”

  62. 70 y. of c. in B.
    People wept by the rivers there.

  63. 20 y. J. w. for L.
    One of their names means “white.”

  64. 390 d. on E’s. l. s. and 40 d. on E’s. r. s.
    Someone might accuse him of lying down on the job.

  65. 2 h. like a l., but s. as a d.
    Makes one think of government propaganda.

  66. 1 s. gets s., but 99 h. n. s.
    A shepherd must make a decision when this occurs.

  67. 10 p. on the l. of E.
    Three of these did not discriminate about the recipients; seven did.

  68. 70 b. of A. k. on 1 s.
    Involves a mass murder in order to gain a kingship.

  69. 1 l. was c. at the t. of B.
    This situation was definitely confusing.

  70. 6 i. in E’s. b.
    A healthy biblical recipe.

  71. 15 w. of the f.
    What Christians shouldn’t practice.

  72. 300 c. out, “J’s. s. and G’s.!”
    They deliberately destroyed pottery when they did this.

  73. 300 f. c. by S. b. the f. of the P.
    One man’s foxy move.

  74. 12 t. in the r-c. for J.’ a. to j. the 12 t. of I.
    Jesus promised this to a few.

  75. 10 r. to be a g. in J’s. t.
    An invitation to be treasured.

  76. 1 d. for 1 d’s. w.
    Not even worth a dollar today.

  77. 25 m. with t. b. to the t. of J., b. d. to the e., to the s.
    Some people groaned because of this.

  78. 1 s. g. as a r. in e. for m.
    A beneficial exchange for us.

  79. 2 w. of the g. e. were g. the w.
    A postpartum trip.

  80. 127 j. d. of K. A.
    Lots of land for him to look after.

  81. 12,000 f., the l. and b. and h. of N. J.
    Something this size won’t fit on the earth.

  82. 40 y. of d. for E., p. by E.
    Their historians didn’t record that this happened to them.

  83. 52 d. to r. the w. of J.
    Talk about a “quick-build” project!

  84. 1 o.-b. S. of G.
    No one else in the universe can claim this.

  85. 69 w. (7 w., also 62 w.) u. M. the L.
    Hundreds of years later some people were in expectation of this.

  86. 24 t. with 24 e.
    Heavenly “furniture.”

  87. 153 f. c. in the s. of T.
    A really big haul.

  88. 4 a. s. upon the 4 c. of the e., h. t. the 4 w. of the e.
    This planetary object isn’t literally shaped like this.

  89. 120 m. in the u. c. in J. at P.
    A small beginning that soon grew large.

  90. 2 w. p. 1260 d. d. in s.
    Not the kind of clothing one would elect to wear every day.

  91. 4 (h.) b. of J.: J. and J. and S. and J.
    He wasn’t the only child that some say he was.

  92. 4 d. that L. was d.
    His sister almost said, “Phew!”

  93. 1 s. d’s. j. from the M. of O. to J.
    ‘You may travel this far and no further on a certain day.’

  94. 13 t. the I. m. a. the w. of J.
    These people literally went around in circles.

  95. 3 w. b., the s. and the w. and the b.
    Someone added spurious words to this scripture to support a false belief.

  96. 12 g. of the r. w. of J. in N’s. d.
    Partially movable devices that enable people to pass through highly protective barriers.

  97. 3 t. r., f. h., l., but l. is the g.
    Some people let this cool off.

  98. 1 p. of the t. n. J. and 1 p. of the t. n. B.
    Named parts of a famous building.

  99. 1 G., and 1 m. b. G. and m., a m., C. J.
    Those two are the tops.

  100. 6 s. to S’s. t. with 12 l. on the 6 s.
    Found only in a certain palace.

  101. 2 are b. t. 1, and a t. c. c. q. be t. in 2.
    Ropemakers already know this.

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